Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What's inside my bag? ♥

I was reading this Click Me♥ today and I think it would be fun to share about stomach of my baggie!

 Currently I'm using this small bag from Dior, I used to bring a rea-lly big handbag to carry all of my unnecessary stuff like diary, makeup bag (big one!), phone, ipod, books x2-3, camera(?), and many many other things.  And I noticed I barely use the stuff above when I go out so I minimize them.  I guess I just wanted to feel secure by bring all those little things xD


Let's have a peek inside of my bag ♥
Of course, wallet(s) is the must-have item in my bag.  Usually I won't bring them all cause' bag is small and it's heavy xD I normally bring my student ID, ATM cards, some photos and that's all! 

I put name cards, more photos xD, health care card and some other stuff in the big wallet and most of the time it stays home.
Then I have a makeup bag contain my RMK foundation compact, RMK highlight compact, Rouge Coco Shine in #Boy, Nars Lip-gloss in #Ophelia, YSL Mascara in Purple (!), lip balm and heat eye curler.

It is so light compare to before xD But I still don't really re-do my makeup outside. Just kinda awkward for me to re-apply lipstick and such in toilet while others are standing there. I guess I just don't like to do makeup in front of people? Family and close friends are fine tho lol

Ok this is what I bring for makeup when I go to Uni.  I don't have space for my normal makeup bag! So I put the lipstick and lip gloss into the key bag and it fits just nice! 

I gotta bring heavy books and notebook, pencil case and sometimes Ipad? Only the books itself can kill my shoulder already.  Oh ya, I don't use the Dior bag for school, it's too small :)

Lipstick ♥ YSL Rouge Volupte in No.1 Nude Beige (♥♥♥)
Lip gloss ♥ Palladio Lip gloss ( I don't really like this one)

See my cutie My Melody tissue? My mum sent to me :)

I think that's pretty much about my bag, oh ya, I got my phone too but I was using it to take photo so can't snap it in xD I'm using Iphone4 btw, so if anyone got some nice apps, pleaseeee tell me!

These three eyeshadow palette are what I'm using it lately ♥ 

They are Lavshuca BR1, Lunasol オーシャンシーン (Ocean Scene) in 02, Visee グラムシェード (Glam Shade) in PK-1.

I would recommend Lunasol 02 for the people who likes earth tone and good for daily use. It has really natural shimmer in it and it is actually release in summer.  Just a bit pricey tho.

Visee Glam Shade in PK1 is good for sweet look, it is pinky-brown tone and won't make your eyes look puffy. I would say it's good for date :)

Lavshuca BR1 is actually the cheaper version of Lunasol 02. Colors are nearly the same and quality too!


I had a very long day in Uni today so I gotta take a rest and watch youtube on the bed hehe! See you ♥♥

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