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NYX review ♫ First time!

Hello♫ Recently I have placed my order in This is not the first time I purchased NYX product but its the first time I purchased with cherryculture. I placed the order on 3 July and I got them today so it takes about 10 days to process and I think it's quite reasonable as they gotta ship it to Australia.

NYX Rouge Cream Blush in Golden and Glow

They are the first thing that came up to my eyes cause I have been reading so much about them ! 
I wanted to get the cream blush for so long and I couldn't find any that I like. (colors, too shimmer, pricey, hard to get blahblahblah)
I was so close to get the one below - CANMAKE cream blush


The reason why I didn't get them is, they are too shimmy for me and not very long-lasting. (And too small! Easy for me to finish!)

This one is Glow.

Left - Glow, Right - Golden
Smudged it out.

Veeery pigmented! Creamy and soft texture - the texture of Golden is not as soft as Glow somehow..

   Easy to blend out - I use MAC 187 and Sigma F50 to blend it. Finger is not recommend to the cream blush beginner like me.
  Reasonable price - Yea of course, I got it for $4.75!! I was so attracted by MAC cream blush in Ladyblush that other day but its too expensive (AUD$33) so I gave up on that. $33 vs $5!
 Smell - ummmm, quite ok I would say.  Not as strong as the other NYX product that I am going to talk about later.
 Multi-use - I tried to apply it on my lips and it works great! 

Actually I like Golden better cause' it looks nude but really natural when you put it on your cheek.  It has a little bit of shimmer which make you looks glossy, the shimmers are not very obvious too.  LOVE that! It is similar to my Nars blush in Sex Appeal but more pigmented I guess.
Glow is like dolly-girly type of blush that works nice on Asian tone of skin, but not really my recent type of shade that I would use. I would probably give it to my mum :P.

No bad side, I would give it 5 stars

Am I gonna buy it again ? Yes, definitely! I would loooove to get the other shade like Natural as people online said its the dupe of Ladyblush!

☺NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Tokyo and Stockholm

Oh I love them both. I like how it works on my lips - sooo soft and pigmented just like lipstick but not as dry.  Not sticky at all. 
The upper one is Stockholm and the lower one is Tokyo.
I like how they named it with city names and Tokyo is the only Asian city that listed in the series lol. Why?
I remember the eyeshadow duo of NARS named it with city names too - I got Okinawa and Silk Road.

Back to the lip cream, Stockholm is pink beige color, when it comes out to my lips, it turns to plum color somehow.  Its good for someone who like beige and I would recommend this to someone who need to wear it to formal place cause' its a deep beige color. Not that I don't like the color I think its great too, but the shade is a bit too dark for me I guess? Probably gonna hand this to mum again lol, but nice texture really.  

Honestly I was a bit not sure to Tokyo cause I saw some swatches online after I placed the order and it looks so light pink! I was like oh sheee, I don't wanna looks like Gyaru you know! I was shocked when I applied it on lips, its still a light pink of course (as you can see from the picture above) but it looks fine on me.  I have never tried such light pink lip color, I often use pink beige like YSL Rouge Volupte #1 and #2. So what I am trying to say is, Tokyo is worth to try (whaaat?) if you are a pink beige girl like me but wanna try something new. 

Overall I give them 4 stars! Nice color but would be sooo nice if they have more option on colors.  
Very pigmented (how many times did I say the same thing in the same blog?) and not sticky (so important!)
Of course, cheap cheap cheap ! How much ? $4.50 on sale!

Where is the last one star? I should say..I am not a picky person in packaging and such, I don't really care I gotta pay more for shipping or what hard to get type of things you know. 
BUT I do really care about the smell of the cosmetics (or skincare haircare etc..)!
Matte Lip cream smells like..umm you know Play-doh??? <- This one |||
I was like - Woa! It smells familiar! 
How do I know? Cause' I was a big fan of Play-doh when I was young hahaha lol

☺ NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss in Beige and Clear
 I wanted to get something similar like clear for a while but due to price (!) and limited time to slowly find it, I didn't get it till now. It is such a normal and simple color (no color!) but why takes me so long??
I saw something similar in Nars (We don't have NARS here sadly, but Mecca sells them like double of the price?) but I wouldn't pay AUD$50+ for no-color gloss right..?

I use Clear on top of my lipstick to make it look not as dry as the facts(um?). I have really dry, wrinkle lips with skin comes out sometimes (how horrible is that?).  So if the lipsticks are too dry, it wouldn't look good on my lips no matter how pretty the color is. I will talk about it more about my poor lips and my lipstick in the coming entries.

Clear is good, nothing much about it. Not sticky and does her job well.

I bought Beige because my Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss in Pink Beige is finishing and I wanna see if NYX can replace it.  I would say Bobbi Brown is quite sticky but very nice color for daily use.  It stays in my makeup bag everyday for any occasion. So I would love to get the same/similar shade of it.  BUT too bad Beige (NYX) is different from Pink Beige (Bobbi Brown) - see the picture below.

Picture tells what I trying to say lol.

I am happy with what I purchased this time and I know I am going to re-purchase NYX very soon. My next targets are probably gonna be Eyeshadow, I am not sure but gonna get cream blush again for sure!

Oh btw, it cost me less than $50 plus shipping in total this times.  The price are reasonable I think, I saw some Aussie website selling once NYX lipstick for $10 AUD but I got it for $1.99 USD last time. Its totally rip off |||
Shipping to Australia is about $11 (the cheapest, takes about one weeks depends on luck cause' you know how they work here..).

Seeeeee you :)

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