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July Hits ♥♥♥

(Actually it's May June July combine hits lol)

So here is the first 'hits' blog here.  My mom and my friend came to visit me here in Australia for couple of months (my mom stayed for more than two months!) and they brought me lots of new 'toys' and I think it's a good chance to talk about my new bloods since some of them became my hits in this months.

Before I get start, I wanna show some clips that I crop from magazine which makes me crazy about the YSL lipstick

Yves Saint Laurent 'Rouge Volupté' Lipstick -The shade in the picture is 001 Nude Beige.

It says in the magazine that Nude Beige would makes you look gorgeous and high-class (?), and everyone use it! Plus I saw some review that this is the shade would probably should ALL SKIN TONE.  So I had to get it ! I just got this recently cause' I didn't have much money in my pocket lol...I was so exciting to try it on when I got it from my mum ( Yes, my mum again lol Thanks to her.)

I got two other shade which are 002 Sensual Silk and 013 Peach PassionPeach Passion is not really my cup of color, I always go for pink beige and beige tone of lip product.  But I saw the swatch of Peach Passion on Youtube the other day and I think it's gonna look good on lips and since orange tone is so popular this year (?). It doesn't disappointed me at all, I love it ♥

Are they gorgeous ♥♥? I give them five stars cause' it's so creamy and pigmented.  I would say they are one of the best lipstick that I ever got ! Five stars!
( From up to down - 013 Peach Passion, 001 Nude Beige, 002 Sensual Silk)

I got couples of the lipstick in this month and they impressed me quite a lot.  Besides YSL, I also got two Rouge Coco Shine lipstick from Chanel. I always thought the lipstick from Chanel is pigmented but dry, and Rouge Coco Shine changed my thoughts.

(Left - 56 Chance, right - 54 Boy)

Different from Rouge Coco, they are not that pigmented but good enough. And they are extremely moisturize and smooth for my super dry lips, I don't even have to put lip balm before apply. Chance is very cute blue tone pink and Boy is my grab-and-go lipstick that I use it so often in a week. I give them 4.5 stars too.

Normally I apply lip gloss on top of beige lipstick, and NARS lip gloss in Ophelia is my hit lip gloss of July ♥ 

It has bling bling inside that would looks good on most of the lipstick I think. I give it 4 stars cause' it's a bit pricey for me to get in Australia, it cost me about AUD$55.  

For a lip gloss? - It's not the worst, I got NARS Sheer Glow Foundation in Mecca (I bought them both in Mecca but not the same day) for like AUD$99 ! And the worst-worst part is the about the price but about the services; I had my make-up on when I asked the sales girl in Mecca and she removed my makeup on my cheek to try the foundation with a really strong toner remover - that's fine I am not asking for every tester to suit my sensitive skin. I just feel she is kinda forcing me to buy and I don't feel happy with how she treated me...And the price! Super expensive, AUD$99?? Why would I bought it seriously? Did she cover my eyes when I paid? It gives me glossy finish and good coverage anyway but I still whining about the price and I don't remember how did I pay for that?? I noticed it doesn't come with a pump when I got home which makes it so easy to pull too much when I use it.  I had to get a pump online for like $10, which makes the whole foundation worth $100+...(Sadly they don't even sell the foundation pump in Mecca)

Overall I give it  3 stars - too bad, it actually worth at least 4.5 stars just the price and the sales girl services screw it up.  I had purchased few times in Mecca and it was great but not this time I would say. (Broken heart..)

(Left pic - Lancome Teint Miracle in 01, MAKEUPFOREVER in 20, NARS in Medium2)
(Right pic [from left to right] - Lancome, MUF and NARS)

My friend bought me the MUFE from overseas since MUFE left Australia a while ago but why?  It has jelly and watery texture and usually I apply like two to three layers for a good coverage and it doesn't look thick at all. A bit dark for my skin but I'm okay with it since I could only pick the shade online and people's review..  

I read/ heard so much about the Lancome Teint Miracle and finally I got to try it on last week in Myer, the sales girl were so nice and she gave me some samples (point point!) We actually had a talk and I told her about what I prefer when I do my makeup before she did anything to my face, I think that's really nice.  Like I told her I don't like the foundation looks lighter on my face cause' it makes me looks/feels like a Geisha face..she said a lot of Asian would prefer a lighter tone of their original skin tone. But I just don't want that way. She was so patient when applied the foundation on me and it looks Wows when she done. So I loot it as well lol. I give it 4.5 stars since the price is reasonable (AUD$60+, still pricey tho but that's the best I can get for a high-end brand you know) and it leaves a bare skin finish.

Nothing much I need to mention for those two (MAC Bronzing Powder in Golden, MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Medium) I give them both for 4 stars too, just think I can get a better one but that's what I have been keep using for this month lol.

Magazine talks about the beige cream shadow which is MAC paintpot in Barestudy.  Again, heard so much about it and I finally got the chance to brought it home. It's a shimmery and it became my pocket list that I would go for it when it finish.  I give it 5 stars !

MAC Mini Eyeshadow in Tempting - it's really tempting when I saw they keep recommend in magazine!
(Right pic - Upper one with Barestudy as base and the lower one without base)

Very nice color for daily use but not so pigmented without primer. I use it when I didn't have much time to do my eye makeup with black liners. 3.5 stars I guess? Still hits tho.

Solone Gel-liner Pencil in Golden Brown, Sparkle Black and Brown have been a long hits for me. They are cheap (very cheap! I got it for like AUD$5!), sooo long-lasting like eyeliner gel, easy to use - you don't need a blush to apply it. They have nine or ten colors like MUFE Aqua Eyes. I give them 4 stars; actually it should be 5 stars but one problem - they are really hard to get cause' they are not a famous brand and you can only get it online from Australia (or from your friends in overseas). They are from Taiwan and I got them from my mum and friends too.  Since they are so long-lasting and easy to blend out (and all other strength !), I have already stocked up like ten of them. You just have to go with sharpener to sharp it, that's the only weakness I guess.

Another eyeliner that hits me these days is Integrate Liquid Eyeliner in Black and Brown.  I keep buying it since the day I started to do makeup!  I stopped to use it for a while cause' I kept changing something new lol and I finally came back with them.  Not that they are so good that makes me keep buying it but in fact they are just decent.  But why are they my hits? Reasonable price, handy, and reminds me the days when I first do my makeup - it was horrible, I spent like an hour and I still couldn't draw a straight eyeliner on my eyes but I guess it's the step that everyone have to go through. I give it full 5 stars; cause' they are my old friends lol.  I got it for like $1000 Yen ?

Oh this one I don't think I should talk much about it - NARS Blush in Orgasm.
It is my grab-and-go item, whenever I don't know what should I go with my makeup, I would grab Orgasm.


I think I go too much about my July Hits this time, and I would probably do shorter on my next one lol. I will try...
Byee ♥

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