Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What's inside my bag? ♥

I was reading this Click Me♥ today and I think it would be fun to share about stomach of my baggie!

 Currently I'm using this small bag from Dior, I used to bring a rea-lly big handbag to carry all of my unnecessary stuff like diary, makeup bag (big one!), phone, ipod, books x2-3, camera(?), and many many other things.  And I noticed I barely use the stuff above when I go out so I minimize them.  I guess I just wanted to feel secure by bring all those little things xD

Saturday, July 16, 2011

July Hits ♥♥♥

(Actually it's May June July combine hits lol)

So here is the first 'hits' blog here.  My mom and my friend came to visit me here in Australia for couple of months (my mom stayed for more than two months!) and they brought me lots of new 'toys' and I think it's a good chance to talk about my new bloods since some of them became my hits in this months.

Friday, July 15, 2011

NYX review ♫ First time!

Hello♫ Recently I have placed my order in This is not the first time I purchased NYX product but its the first time I purchased with cherryculture. I placed the order on 3 July and I got them today so it takes about 10 days to process and I think it's quite reasonable as they gotta ship it to Australia.

NYX Rouge Cream Blush in Golden and Glow

They are the first thing that came up to my eyes cause I have been reading so much about them ! 
I wanted to get the cream blush for so long and I couldn't find any that I like. (colors, too shimmer, pricey, hard to get blahblahblah)
I was so close to get the one below - CANMAKE cream blush